Onsen Baths

Take pleasure in casually riding the cable car and soaking in the panoramic open-air bath ◆Panoramic open-air bath, Kumonosuke
Ride the private cable car up to the panoramic open-air bath, Kumonosuke. The cable car, with a total length of 130 m and height difference of 50 m, is a funicular railway in which 2 cars run alternately on a single track. We call it the cable car because it operates with an electric motor. Please press the button in the car yourself to start it. It takes about a minute and a half to arrive at the mountain top. The panoramic open-air bath, Kumonosuke, is located at the mountain top. From Kumonosuke, you can look out over Yatsugatake, Tateshina and Sakudaira, as well as the tip of Mt. Fuji on a clear day.
The open-air bath closes at 9 in the evening for safety reasons, since staff are not present to watch over the operation of the cable car at night. It is open from 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning.

◆Large bath
The large bath on the 1st floor of the main building is open all day (It closes from 9:00 to 11:00 in the morning for cleaning). Both the washing area and bathtub are spacious.



Enjoy rice cooked over a furnace with plenty of seasonal tastes Meals are served in the kamado-dining room on the 2nd floor (You will be shown to a private room according to the number of persons present on the day). Meals are cooked mainly using local ingredients. Tokiwakan's specialty is "Saku carp slowly simmered in our secret-recipe sauce". This famous dish was created by the owner about 30 years ago. The carp raised in the clear streams of Shinshu are delicious with little of the distinctive smell. For those who dislike carp, there is the alternative of a meat dish. Please inquire by e-mail for the details of the meat dish.


Guest Rooms

Guest rooms filled with a feeling of openness and surrounded by an expanse of nature ◆Standard guest rooms on the 3rd floor
Japanese-style rooms of 16.5 m². These are Tokiwakan's standard guest rooms.

◆Renovated guest rooms on the 4th floor
Japanese-style rooms of 16.5 m². The bathroom, vanity unit, and interior of the guest rooms have been renovated.

◆Japanese modern Japanese/Western-style rooms
Japanese/Western-style rooms. Two semi-double beds and a tatami mat space of 4.96 m².

◆Family rooms
Japanese-style rooms of 28.17m². These rooms are for up to 8 persons, and are recommended for large families or groups of friends.

◆Maisonette rooms
Japanese-style en-suite rooms of 28.17m² with semi open-air baths. There is a large guest room on the 2nd floor, and a private semi open-air bath on the 1st floor.

Each guest room has a bathroom. Each guest room has an empty refrigerator. Drinks can be brought into the guest rooms. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are available at the vending machine in the corridor. The water in the guest rooms is spring water from the Tokiwakan premises. Fresh natural water flows out from the faucet for you to drink.



Spend a relaxing time in this warm space The warm ambience of the pellet stove gently soothes your heart. Enjoy a relaxing time with a cup of tea in the cafe corner beside the front desk. The boarding point for the cable car bound for the panoramic open-air bath, Kumonosuke, is at the end of the lobby. Various local products from Komoro, Shinshu are available in the shop.

Wi-fi connection available throughout the building